Story Playing

‘Story Playing’ 

‘Story Playing’ is a coaching method, in which psychodrama techniques are central. Narratives from world literature are the framework for these coaching activities, next to theatre plays and last but not least the stories the participants themselves bring to the fore.

‘Nobody ever told me about the power of stories!’  

In 2017-2018 we visit three theatre plays (in Dutch), and reflect on these plays according to the method ‘Playing with narratives’.

  1. Nieuwe familie, Friday October 20, 2017. Coaching activity on Monday October 23, 2017.
  2. De mantel der liefde, Friday November 17, 2017. Coaching activity Monday November 20, 2017.
  3. De Vlieg: Zoetstof. Friday March 23, 2017. Coaching activity Monday November 26, 2017.

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We start to visit together the theatre play at stake, at the cultural centre of Ede ‘Cultura’. Two or three days later we explore together how parts of the play moved us and why. We bring these parts to life again, and let it break into our own lives. This will  offer a clear(er) sight on the meaning of the theme of the play (as you interpret this!) in your own situation.

   ‘This intensive way of giving a second thought to a theatre play has been really enriching for my own life.’ 


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